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Wonderful game ! The backgrounds drawings are so beautiful that I stopped to look precisely at every single one. It's like taking the time to appreciate life fully. I love that the pace slow down with each stage of life, and the music changing too, even stopping on the last one. I didn't experienced it as something depressing like others players did, but it sure was emotional. The concept is very interesting, and everything is thought and well done, I loved it !


Thanks ever so much for commenting, it's always such a nice surprise to hear someone has played and enojoyed this little game! The drawings are all ones I did during the first lockdown here in the UK, mainly of places I'd wander in that melancholic way the game tries to capture. 

I'm glad you didn't find it depressing! I suppose it's a 'make of it what you will' sort of game, but it sounds like you got a good read on the themes of appreciating the limited time we have. Thanks again for leaving the comment, have a great day! :)

This was very depressing, but it made me think. Thanks!

Thanks for playing and commenting, I'm glad you got something out of the experience :)

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Very depressing....In a good way that means the purpose of the game is fulfilled. Life is like this you cannot go back. good idea nice drawing. Just a suggestion a color background which could slowly fade as the time passes. But overall good job. Good Music,

Edited: I almost cried when playing it the second time. I am actually close to the 3rd stage of life :)

The music kept its cool on all stages. This could be a emotional game for many. 

 Keep up the good work guys. 

Thanks very much for playing, I'm touched to know you found the experience so moving. I also rather like your suggestion of fading colour!

Thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me to get this kind of feedback - makes me all the more enthusiastic to make more.

Take care :)


A very interesting idea, I love the background drawings

Thanks, I have learned to take some pride in these drawings and I'm really glad you enjoyed them :)

Sometimes small things like this make you think a lot.

Thank you for creating it


This made my day. 

Thanks for playing and for leaving such a nice comment :)


Um I found a glitch XD
Apparently I can go back using "A" and I went too far back away from screen. Went I went right, the sprite for the man was gone


Oops! Thanks for letting me know! All fixed now :)

Oh wow I completely forgot about this XD
I'm glad I could help. I was waiting for u to fix it so I could play it (why? I don't know myself XD)
But this is truly a wonderful game. The music is sooo nice and calming! And the art in the background is just too good! Such a good stand-alone experience. Have u ever thought of fleshing this out into a story-driven game?

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Well thanks :) I'm really glad you liked it and appreciate your feedback! It's a possibility, though at the time I made it I had wanted it to be a short/sweet type of thing. Maybe one day! :)


Thanks :)